Angel has landed. A bit diabolical and with uncut wings.

    The jigsaw is falling together and Angel Diabolo is the fourth indication of what can be expected from the record, which is not all that far away from its official release.

    This time around we bring you “only” three versions of the song: original, remix (done by JAMirko & Pier – which you can hear in the mp3 below this news and on Saga’s site @ www.siol.net/siddharta-saga) and the third version, which is kind of special because it was recorded with literally anything we could find at the moment in our rehearsal place (not instruments).

    Angel Diabolo is the second song which we recorded with Ross Robinson in his Los Angeles studio.

    The CD will be available through store.siddharta.net, www.siol.net/siddharta-saga (merchandise section) and in the following stores; Big Bang, Müller and through Čarli TV.

    !!!In stores which are open till 21.00 the singel will be made available from 20.00 on!!!

    And remember, never ever cut the wings of the devil!

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  • Angel Diabolo!

    On Friday, September 25, 2009 the fourth of our Saga EP's will see the light of day, another in the row of our record-foretelling EP's, entitled "Angel Diabolo".

    "Angel Diabolo" will be aired exclusively at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga at 8 PM on September 25, 2009, followed by airings on radio stations.

    The EP this time includes three songs "only" - the original version, a remixed version by JAMirko & Pier, and one other special version of the song.

    "Angel Diabolo" is second in a row of the songs produced in the Los Angeles studio with producer Ross Robinson.

    The CD version, apart from being sold through www.siol.net/siddharta-saga and www.siddharta.net/store, will be available in the Big Bang and Müller stores and through the Čarli TV sales.


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  • NAPAROKO 3 original version

    You can see the original shorter version of our new video today at 20.00 hours on www.siddharta.net and www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.

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    On Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 8PM CET, your computer screens (www.siol.net/siddharta-saga) will be hit with our new video, followed by Friday, 11 September 2009, with TV screens. This is another video in the line of many, but is still very much different. For this video we combined the Napalm 3 and Baroko songs and merged them into one.

    The video is directed by Saša Hes, who also directed our Klinik (Go Easy) video. It became very obvious pretty soon that this video is going to be something very different not just because of the merging of the two songs but also from directors point of view.

    Stay tuned!

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    On Friday, September 4 2009, right after we finish our gig you will be able to stand witness to the pre-premiere of the video. And on top of that – in its prolonged version (with additional 9 minutes). It is more a short movie than a video, really.

    You are kindly invited to the concert and the viewing of the video!

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Angel Diabolo!

V petek, 25. 9. 2009, bo luč sveta ugledal že četrti singel, "Angel Diabolo", ki napoveduje našo novo ploščo "Saga".

"Angel Diabolo" bo ekskluzivno predstavljen širši javnosti na povezavi www.siol.net/siddharta-saga, 25. 9. 2009 ob 20. uri, kasneje pa tudi na radijskih postajah.

Na novem ploščku boste tokrat našli "le" tri različice pesmi - original, remiks, ki sta ga tokrat zakrivila JAMirko & Pier, in pa še eno, prav posebno verzijo pesmi.

"Angel Diabolo" je že druga iz niza pesmi, ki smo jih sproducirali v losangeleškem studiu skupaj s producentom Rossom Robinsonom.

Tokrat bo CD izdaja, poleg spletne prodaje na povezavi www.siol.net/siddharta-saga in www.siddharta.net/store, na voljo tudi v prodajalnah Big Bang in Müller ter preko prodaje na Čarli TV.