• .mp3 takes a turn to paradise

    There. We haven't been spared. We might say that Baroko followed the example of its predecessor Napalm 3, which reads "I'm going there on my own ..."

    As you might have noticed, last week an .mp3 of our forthcoming single showed up on file-sharing servers. The song in question is the one we recorded in the Novo mesto studio.

    Since the song has already circled among you fans, we decided that for the EP about to be released the primary song will be the version recorded in Los Angeles with Ross Robinson. Along with the standard accompaniment of the remixed and acoustic versions, this will therefore be the first officially released song recorded during our 79-day stay in the United States.

    The fact that the song is already out taken into account, we decided to make it easier for you to get your hands on the slick .mp3 - so you can now find it at (and download for free from) our official web site www.siddharta.net as well as the Saga web site www.siol.net/siddharta-saga/press.php, along with the uncompressed version in .aif format.

    So there, may it go there on its own.


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  • Kranj concert

    It hasn't been too long this time since our last gig and today we're off to Kranj. Kranj being so close to Ljubljana, we didn't have to get up too early.

    The sound check is planned for 4 PM so we meet up at our rehearsal place no sooner than 2 PM. It takes about an hour to load the gear to the bus. We take time to have a nice coffee with our crew before we leave for Kranj.

    Arriving in Kranj we realize that the promoter has neglected our technical rider requirement for a drum riser. But it's a big shopping centre there so we're certain the problem will be settled easily and quickly. Yet it is hardly as easy as it seems.

    Our manager has made a few phone calls and our crew guys thrown in a few innovative ideas and we've got ourselves a drum riser. However, the sound check is consequently put off by almost an hour. This probably means that the show will have to have a later start. Not good. But we've had our fair share of experience with such problems so we don't give in and ultimately end up with only a 15-minute delay.

    The Kopitar family paid us a visit in Kranj as they were visiting Slovenia in that time. It was a great concert and the hall packed full. And it was hot. Literally hot. All the rock'n'roll in there caused the air-conditioning to give up on us and break down. But the atmosphere was for that reason no less wonderful.

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  • Sežana concert

    It's been too long since we've been on stage but summer is starting and with it a few concerts we'll be playing at. First in a row is Sežana. We itch again and we can't wait to go back on stage. This time will be a little different from usual; we can now share with you something that we've created in Los Angeles.

    We leave for Sežana quite early, at 11. Once there, we unload the gear and start sound check at around 2 PM. Lunch after sound check, followed by preparation for the concert.

    When we come on stage, the hall is full and the atmosphere vibrant. Baroko premieres tonight and the response is incredible.

    After the concert we spend some time with our guests, pack up and set off on our "long" journey back to Ljubljana.

    It's great to be back on stage. After what we've been through in the last five months, playing before all our fans is sheer pampering.

    Thanks to the crew and all who came to share the positive energy.

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Koncert Sežana

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Po dolgem premoru se znova začenja poletno obdobje in s tem tudi nekaj koncertov, na katerih gostujemo tudi mi. Prvi tak je letos v Sežani. Ker nas dodobra že srbijo prsti, komaj čakamo, da se spet pojavimo na odru. Tokrat bo malo drugače kot ponavadi, z vami lahko delimo nekaj, kar smo ustvarili v Los Angelesu. 

Odpravimo se v Sežano že zgodaj, okoli 11h. V Sežani raztovorimo opremo in začnemo s tonsko vajo okoli 14.00. Po tonski sledi kosilo, nato pa priprave za koncert. 

Ko smo začeli igrati, je bila dvorana že polna in vzdušje je bilo super. Premierno smo odigrali tudi Baroko in odziv je bil neverjeten. 

Po koncertu je seveda sledilo druženje z obiskovalci, pospravljanje opreme in "dolga" pot nazaj v Ljubljano. 

Super je spet biti na odru. Po vsem tem, kar smo doživeli v zadnjih petih mesecih, je igranje pred vsemi našimi poslušalci pravo razvajanje. 

Hvala ekipi in vsem, ki se prišli z nami delit pozitivno energijo.