• Maribor

    Unbelievable! Unbelievable! – Ok so we watched football before the show.
    Smiljan put together one heck of a show, organizing all that was possible.
    We ended up before a crowd of 6,000 people in a wonderful stadium, where we took care of a rush of blood to the hearts of at least 20,000 fingers.
    As cocky as it may sound – THE WINNER WAS...

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  • The Krka spring cave

    Outside our place in the morning. As so many times before. Yet today is special. We have a totally different show coming up. Acoustic, more calm, more intimate.

    Our crew loads the gear onto the bus and away we go towards the Dolenjsko region of Slovenia, more precisely the Krka spring, the location of the Krka festival. A cave! We will be playing in a genuine cave. This should be lots of fun. We are all anxious to see how it all turns out.

    The crew guys surmount all the obstacles and like in a flash the gear is inside the cave. The sound check goes by without a single complication and the acoustics of the cave throw us in raptures. We can't wait for the evening! After the sound check we have a delicious dinner and await the evening cave show in great expectation.

    The cave fills up, the show starts. The energy in the cave is amazing. We feel the crowd's excitement almost instantly. It is no different from ours. It feels great! Suddenly we feel as if playing in our own living room. Except for the fact that there are no torches in the living room. :) Time flies. Way too fast. The list of songs we have prepared for tonight runs short. The crowd is playful, so are we. The setlist was too short, the crowd demands some more. To round it up we have some sun shine into the cave with Na Soncu.

    After the show we take some pictures and spend some time with our fans. We have congrats flying in from all directions. Excitement remains. We hope we can have a similar show again soon.

    Thanks to all who helped us make tonight happen. Thanks to the event promoter, to our crew who never cease to surprise with their creativity, but most of all our fans. You make it all work!

    See you in Maribor!
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  • Stockholm

    It was the first time for our team to fly out to a show. Our journey to the northern land started by being late at the Brnik airport. We nonetheless managed to fly in to Sweden's capital on time. Settling in the pleasant hotel made the time fly by even more quickly – the night was already short as it was. In fact, we hardly had any night-time so we spent the days in our own way. The peak of our stay in Stockholm was of course our performance before 10,000 people, of which some 3,000 actually paid attention to the happening at this festival of food and drink. We received many good reviews afterwards, we got to wear our Swedish friends' T-shirts, gave out a few of our own and later we again got to spend some fine time with our friends. And the night was again so short.

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V severno deželo se kot ekipa prvič odpravimo z letalom. Zamujamo na Brniku, a vseeno točno pridemo v glavno mesto Švedske. Prijetna nastanitev v hotelu nam je krajšala skorajda nično noč. In noči dejansko ni bilo, zato smo si dni vzeli vsak po svoje. Vrhunec je bil kakopak naš koncert pred 10.000 ljudmi, od katerih jih je bilo na tem festivalu hrane in pijače vsaj 3.000 pozornih. Po tem smo bili deležni marsikatere prijetne kritike, nošnje majic tamkajšnjih naših in tujcev ter kasneje spet uživanja breznoči med prijatelji.