• Slovenia raising flags

    At their press conference today, just a day before the qualifying match between Slovenia and Northern Ireland, the Football Association of Slovenia presented the new official anthem of Slovenia's football team, entitled »Dviga Slovenija zastave« (Slovenia Raising Flags).


    We are proud to be a part of the story we so eagerly follow ourselves.


    We joined forces and voices with four other football enthusiasts: Pero Lovšin, Vlado Kreslin, Zoran Predin and Grega Skočir.


    The anthem can be heard at the football team's website www.nzs.si and our website www.siddharta.net. It will also be in rotation on all national radio stations.


    Football fans in Slovenia will have the pleasure of hearing it out in the open this Saturday during the match at Ljudski vrt in Maribor.


    Undoubtedly, also when Slovenia scores!


    Go team!


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  • www.siddharta.net redesigned and optimised!

    We just had to do it!


    And you'll get used to it in no time so no worries.


    It's been quite some time since the last "upgrade" and/or major change of our web site. And now we proudly present you with: SOWS* 3.0 - Upgrade pack 2.01.


    Not only have we redesigned the damned thing, we've also restructured, optimised and rearranged some parts. It's a bitch, we know, but just read the second line of this news item again and everything will be "just dandy" in a heart beat.


    One major change is that we have reduced the lingual options to Slovene, English, German and Croatian. Another major thing was the reduction from "Home-News-Concerts-History-Albums-Photos-Videos-Goodies-Forum-Chat-Store-Press-Contacts-Links-Search" (a total of 15 links) to "News-Concerts-Band-Media-FanArea-Goodies-Store-Partners-Contacts" (a total of 9 links). We have given more room to things such as text and photos and we've also added an actual biography of the band (in addition to the History). There is some other stuff we've changed but you'll see for yourself as you come across it.


    It's been a long and tedious process, but we managed to pull it off. And this is where we would like to thank all those who "made it happen": Vasja, Nika, Steffi & Lea - thank you!




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Dviga Slovenija zastave ...

Danes je na novinarski konferenci, dan pred kvalifikacijsko tekmo Slovenije in Severne Irske, Nogometna zveza Slovenije predstavila novo uradno himno slovenske nogometne reprezentance z naslovom Dviga Slovenija zastave.


Ponosni smo, da smo lahko postali del zgodbe, ki jo tudi sami z navdušenjem spremljamo.


Ob nastanku pesmi pa so nam s svojimi glasovi pomagali še štirje nogometni navdušenci: Pero Lovšin, Vlado Kreslin, Zoran Predin in Grega Skočir.


Himno je že mogoče poslušati na uradni spletni strani reprezentance www.nzs.si in naši spletni strani www.siddharta.net. Prav tako se bo pesem vrtela na slovenskih radijskih frekvencah.


Slovenskim nogometnim navdušencem pa bo seveda predvajana na sobotni tekmi v Ljudskem vrtu.


Ne dvomimo, da tudi ob slovenskih zadetkih.


Dajmo naši!