• Mostovna

    We set off to Nova Gorica on Friday, for a gig in Mostovna. It was another proof that the club scene in Slovenia is very much alive and well-settled. Mostovna is a great club where every band wants to return to. They have it all – even a kitchen and beds, a cook and a masseuse :-).   Well OK, they don't have a masseuse but still... maybe some day, somehow...

    As we arrived, our crew started to set up our gear on stage, so we had time for some coffee and a short walk. After soundcheck we had a home-made dinner – pasta a la carte. The show started at 11PM and lasted up to 1AM. The crowd partied all the way to the end and it was surely one of the best gigs of this tour. On stage it felt great! What is worth mentioning about this show is that we recorded it in whole and just might use the recorded materials some day. After the concert we mingled with our fans, signed a poster, CD, T-shirt... or two. It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we returned home but for us it was a start of a long sleep...

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  • Opicina, Italy

    Somewhere around Opicina, right across the border with Italy, close to Trieste was the location of this students' party. In tents amidst the idyllic Italian Karst on such a beautiful sunny day there was only one imperfection: the sea. Just about everyone would gladly take the plunge to cool down a bit... Instead, some of us went for a short walk through the natural beauties, while our crew took care of our gear and the PA, set it up and made it ready for the sound check that followed. We had dinner in a genuine Italian trattoria - the pizza was delicious! We also tasted some home-made merlot and terrano liqueur...

    Our show began at about 11PM in a tent, overcrowded with youth, and lasted up till 1AM, when a pop-rock band from Milano took over. We returned to Ljubljana no sooner than 6AM and had only one thing in mind: to get some rest.

    See you next Friday in Solkan!

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  • Škofja Loka

    Friday night's show was in a students' club in Škofja Loka, called Rdeča Ostriga (The Red Oyster). The club had recently been renovated so we had no problems with our show. The rooms of the club are arranged very efficiently and practically. The club has a wonderful monthly cultural programme, which is very important for the youth. The show lasted for almost 2 hours, the audience cheered with enthusiasm while we showed our best in doing a club show. After the show we mingled with our fans until late hours and returned to Ljubljana at about 3AM to crash for a few hours as we were bound for Italy the next morning.

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  • Making of the new video

    At 9 o'clock on Saturday morning we gathered at the Ljubljana Castle for the new video shoot. It took the whole day to make, almost up to midnight. Our roles in the video are highly professional; we play these kind experts who ... nah, that's all we're going to say. Once the video has been edited, you'll be able to see it and find an explanation of its story for yourselves.
    Dafne Jemeršič was in charge of the direction, Miloš Srdič of the camera and Urška of our costumes. The rest of the technical staff, about 15 people altogether, took care of the lighting, the make-up, technical installations, props and the catering. We had a great time and the feelings about the video are very good, though it was a straining day - it's hardly easy to shoot a whole video in just one day.
    Our thanks go to the whole team, who made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks also to Festival Ljubljana, which kindly allowed us to use their castle premises. Most of the video was shot in a 15th-century room called Kazamate, which was primarily intended to be the castle entrance...

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Opčine / Opicina

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Nekje okoli kraja Opčine, takoj za Italijansko mejo blizu Trsta, je potekalo študentsko rajanje. Lokacija pod šotori sredi idiličnega Italijanskega Krasa je imela na tako lep sončen dan le eno pomanjkljivost in sicer morje, tisto v katero bi se ob takšni temperaturi pognali prav vsi... Tako pa smo si nekateri privoščili krajši sprehod po naravi, med tem časom pa so naši fantje poskrbeli za našo opremo, jo postavili in ozvočili. Temu je potem sledila tonska vaja, po kateri so nas odpeljali v čisto pravo italijansko trattorijo, kjer je bila pica res dobra. Poskusili smo tudi malo domačega merlota in pa teranov liker...

Koncert okoli 23h v polnem šotoru mladine, je trajal do 1h zjutraj, nato pa je sledila še pop-rock skupina iz Milana. Prihod v Ljubljano je bil okoli 6h zjutraj, nakar je sledil počitek. Naslednji petek 20. 04. 07 pa se vidimo v Solkanu.