• Ljubljana

    Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March, 2007 were two days devoted to gigs in a real rock'n'roll atmosphere in Ljubljana's Orto Bar club. First and foremost we would like to thank the staff of Orto Bar for taking such good care of us. Medo, thanks for the yummy finger food, the drinks and the energy, including those during the show.
    Thanks and congrats to our personal crew who made it possible for all of us to cram on stage, which at first seemed almost an impossible task to do. To put six people and all our gear on a stage as small as Orto's demands a great deal of steady nerves, compromises about where we could move, where to place the monitors; and even the instruments' volume had to be adjusted for the same reason.
    Both shows turned out very well though, both from the point of view of music and the sound. All this adds up to the fact that Siddharta truly is a band who can turn any venue into a place for a real rock'n'roll party. One could see this in the eyes of the crowd in Ljubljana too.
    Both shows were sold out even before the official start of Orto Fest on the day of the first show when the Orto ticket office opened. A sincere thanks to all of you, our dear fans who came to see our first show. We believe that the venue could easily be filled even on Saturday but the two-night party was good enough an opening of the famous traditional Orto Fest, which will go on through the whole April with an interesting selection of performing bands.

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  • »The« day

    Saturday's Viktor awards show was your chance to see what Siddharta had been up to these last few weeks. We joined forces with the band Dan D and merged two of our songs into an interesting music collage. You can now hear their song Voda and our song Male Roke in a joined perfomance. All 11 musicians from both bands came together in Novo mesto's RSL studio where we got down to rearranging the two pieces into a brand new track and recording it live.

    We had great fun making it, may you have great fun listening to it.

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  • Viktor 2006 goes to us

    Good old Viktor! We got you and we are so happy about it !

    2006 was for Siddharta a year of hard work and challenge. We recorded the Petrolea album and presented it on stages all over Slovenia. We recorded two music videos which conquered music charts in no time. Though the music industry is full of traps the album was declared in Slovenia as best album of the year 2006. We entered 2007 full of new experiences and now also received an official confirmation for our hard work.

    This feels good! So, Viktor, welcome to our company and the company of our true fans.

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  • Ravne na Koroškem

    After a busy morning recording the TLP show (Sunday was fully scheduled due to the Planica ski jumping) from 7 AM till 2 PM we set off to Ravne na Koroškem. It was a three-hour drive and we made good use of it catching up on some sleep. Upon arrival we checked out this new club there, one of the best-equipped ones in Slovenia. We set up the gear and after soundcheck went out for dinner. The show had been sold out a few days beforehand. It was an energetic, yet quite intimate one. The reception we got from the crowd was amazing and what we gave them in return was a perfect rock'n'roll party. We spent some time with our fans after the show and returned to Ljubljana in the early morning hours. The morning after was spent in the embrace of the Viktor awards show – the dress rehearsal started at 9 AM already. In the evening we performed there together with Dan D.

    Have fun! See you this weekend at Orto Bar. We'll be there two nights in a row for the opening of the famous Orto Fest.

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  • Mestinje Concert

    The two hour drive to Mestinje, entrusted this time to our driver Matevž, offered some catching up on the lost sleep. We were really in need of some. When we arrived at Mestinje, our great crew team smoothly set up the stage and the equipment. Sound check with our sound technician Tisa followed and a great "finger food" dinner after it. The concert was again terrific, the crowd was going wild and continued at that pace till the early morning. After the concert we had a gathering to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our successful work as a band.

    This was a really great weekend and therefore we are already looking forward to the next one - Friday in Ravne Na Koroskem.

    Till then, we wish you a great week.

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  • Železniki concert

    It was around 3 PM on Friday when we headed for Škofja Loka and over to Železniki. Our concert in the local culture home was planned for 10PM.

    Železniki is a town once called a "mine under the hill" and is proud to house the oldest furnace, if we are to quote our Jani literally. He also noticed a typical Slovene wooden-concrete hayrack while having a stroll through the town. Now if we go back to the venue, we might add that the hall was overcrowded with people yearning for our music and some good rock'n'roll. The band responded accordingly, the audience accepted the vibes and in the end we bade farewell with smiles on our faces. The way to Ljubljana passed by quickly. We had a couple of hours' sleep and soon gathered again to leave for Mestinje. 

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  • Viktor 2006

    2006 was a busy year for Siddharta, which obviously hasn't gone unnoticed. Our work has been rewarded with a nomination for the Viktor award in the category of Best Music Act. Also nominated are singer Zoran Predin and the band Leeloojamais. The countdown begins on Saturday, 24th March. We are sure that as always our fans will cover our backs once again with strong voting and thus raising our chance to receive the Viktor Award.

    We are looking forward to the evening. It is usually full of surprises and this year won't be any different.

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  • Štuk

    At around 3 PM we arrived at Štuk, a club in Maribor, where we had our first gig of the spring club tour. The concert started at 10:20 and lasted almost 2 whole hours. Our repertoire was assembled from all four albums we’d made, so the variety of songs was quite motley and active. Considering that, we will be able to adjust the play lists and by that keep surprising our audience on our upcoming gigs. We hope to meet you there and party together. Once again, way to go, Maribor! The concert was just great, the best! Party until the morning! See you on Friday in Železniki. Bye…

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  • XOF

    The explosion of fun shook up us so much, that we were able to unite our impressions only today. We took an hour and 15 minutes of performance with maximum and performed sort of a “best of” repertoire. Whoever couldn’t be there to enjoy the party in person was able to see a part of it at home, since the national TV aired the first half hour of the show. Almost 20.000 of our friends gathered up and we were honored to get a very unique and exceptional surprise. Blaž Gregorin and Žare Pak (representatives of the publishing house KifKif/Menart) walked up on the stage after we finished our performance and awarded us with “Platinum record”, an acknowledgment for selling over 15.000 copies of our Petrolea. Our gratitude goes to you of course, all of our friends, which support us for a number of years and stand by our side!

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Petek in Sobota, 30. in 31.3.2007, sta bila dneva namenjena koncertiranju v pravem rokenrol vzdušju ljubljanskega kluba Orto bar. Že kar na začetku se lahko zahvalimo celotni ekipi Orto Bara, ker so tako lepo poskrbeli za nas, Medo tenks za odličen "finger food", pijačo in energijo, tudi med samim nastopom... Zahvale in pohvale tudi naši osebni ekipi, katera je poskrbela da smo se vsi spravili na oder, kar je sicer na začetku kazalo kot skoraj neizvedljivo. Namreč spravit 6 ljudi s celotno opremo na tako kvadraturo zahteva kar nekaj živcev, kompromisov glede gibalne površine, monitoringa, temu primerno smo morali prirediti tudi jakost inštrumentov na odru. Oba koncerta sta izpadla zelo dobro in kvalitetno, tako iz glasbenega kot tudi iz zvokovnega stališča. To pa potrjuje dejstvo, da smo skupina Siddharta bend, ki si lahko privošči vsak prostor in ga spremeni v pravo rokenrol rajanje, kar se je odlično videlo tudi v očeh Ljubljanske publike in podatek da sta bila ob koncerta razprodana že pred samim začetkom Orto festa, na dan prvega koncerta, ko se je odprla blagajna Orto Bara. Iskrena zahvala gre tudi vam, dragi oboževalci, ki ste si prišli ogledat naš nastop, verjamemo da bi z lahkoto napolnili prizorišče tudi v nedeljo, a vseeno dovolj za slovesno otvoritev že znamenitega in tradicionalnega Orto Festa, ki nas bo spremljal še cel april, z zanimivim izborom glasbenih skupin.