• MTV EMA 2007

    November 1 is just around the corner and millions of people around the world will have their eyes pierced on TV screens as that will be the day of the MTV European Music Awards show. The show in OlympiaHalle will be hosted by the unpredictable Snoop Dogg and for the third time in a row the Best Adriatic Act award will be presented.

    And the nominees? Music reporters and critics as well as the region's music scene know-it-alls have nominated Bosnia and Herzegovina's DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, Croatia's HLADNO PIVO and JINX, for the third time Slovenia's SIDDHARTA and for the first time the Serbian cult band VAN GOGH. This makes it – similar to last year, when the award went to Aleksandra Kovač – an excellent selection of nominees. The winner will thus probably be unknown up to the last minute.

    You can vote for your favourite through the www.ema.mtvadria.com website or via text messages:

    for Dubioza Kolektiv send a text message* saying MTV01 to 3700
    for Hladno Pivo send a text message* saying MTV02 to 3700
    for Jinx send a text message* saying MTV03 to 3700
    for Siddharta send a text message* saying MTV04 to 3700
    for Van Gogh send a text message* saying MTV05 to 3700

    *the cost of each message sent is 0,42 €, provided by Mobitel d.o.o.

    The voting will start on Monday, September 24 at midnight and will last till Friday, October 26 at noon.

    Again the choice is yours. Want your favourite to win? Vote now!
    The winner will be announced on November 1 at the MTV EMA show in Munich, live on MTV Adria.
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  • Marathon

    Our day began at around 8 AM when each of us took all the necessary things for the evening show, clothes, towels and such. At 9 AM we gathered at our rehearsal place where our crew had been loading all our gear into vans. Arriving at Tivoli, it took another hour to set everything up for soundcheck so the first checking started no earlier than around 1 PM. Other guests began to arrive and they too checked their own settings so that it would all run smoothly in the evening. The soundcheck again took longer than expected and we barely managed to get it over with by 6 PM when the doors opened for the first visitors. In the hour and half that we had left before stage time we had a little something to eat (you cannot play with food lying heavy on your stomach, can you?) and then at a quarter to 8 we took the stage. It began! The room was overcrowded and when we came on it felt like a dream come true. Of course we could not do without a few troubles here and there so during the short planned breaks we had to deal with a few cramps, results of month-long preparations and playing all day round. But positive energy and goodwill will heal anything and even the Marathon went on without any visible incidents. The further along we were, the better we were doing  and judging from the response we got from the audience, they too found that extra energy to go wild along with us right to the end. As a matter of fact the sight before the stage was indeed awesome. It felt like each and every one of them held out till the end. It was as if we had the room full of our true fans only. Our guests gave the whole event a special charm and they deserve a huge and special thank-you. When at 0:59 we stepped off stage, the on-stage stop-watch was stopped at 5 hours and 15 minutes. But after a show like that it was no time yet to go home. It was an event calling for a toast and celebration.

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