• Week 4

    This week's slogan could be "slowly but for certain". It is hard to keep up the same zeal all the time and productivity falls. We are still working on the guitars but at the same time editing, amending, adding lines...

    We have to admit you represented us quite decently at the Viktor Awards show and we hope you enjoyed it too... especially the after party, hehe.

    This week we got a visit from the Testtube guys about the video and from Sašo about the CD design... not bad, not bad.... will be quite cute. But let's leave that for a later time.

    We took Saturday off to go to Košir's party in Kranjska Gora... it did us good.
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  • Kranjska Gora - a tribute to Jure Košir

    Saturday, March 25th, 2006 was a day off work as far as studio time goes so we took the opportunity to go to Jure Košir's farewell party in Kranjska Gora.

    In the morning Primož and Tomi participated in the ski legends' giant slalom in the teams of Lasse Kjus and Boris Strel. We have to admit they did rather well.... that is: without falling.

    In the evening we pulled one off by walking to the stage with a rather different version of B Mashina. Instead of Tomaž Humar's speech we used the radio commentary of Jure's first world cup victory by the legendary reporter Franci Pavšer.

    All there's left to say is: Jure, keep up the good and successful career!

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  • Week 3

    After a short break we moved from Dekani to Novo mesto, to the location where we recorded our last album.

    It was time for the guitars. We concentrated on various sounds and accordingly used a number of guitars and amplifiers. The sound we looked for was completely raw and strikes directly into the ear. Equipmentwise we had a little help from our friends, the bands "Dan D", "Srečna mladina" and "Sweet Sorrow".

    The weather went hand in hand with our work by not bestowing too much sunshine upon us so we didn’t feel the urge to go outside but the urge to create. But according to the date this is bound to change soon…
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  • Week 2: Studio Dekani

    On February 26 2006 we finally removed ourselves from the capital and headed for the Coast, Dekani to be exact, the home of Studio Jork. The main reason for our going to Dekani was the start of recording our long-awaited (for us as well) new album, brand new music.

    In the ten exceptionally short days we recorded the drums in whole – this was of course done by Boštjan. We dare pinch in a good word about the results of his good work: the drums sound great, of course in harmony with Jani's favourite instrument, the bass, which added to the perfection of the rhythm section. The lot would never be perfect without the help of our producer Žare.

    We can add to the above the fact that we had great, almost spring-time weather, which could be tasted in our menu, which was taken care of by Primož and Jani.

    On Saturday, March 11 2006 we are moving to Novo mesto, where a little more work needs to be done: guitars, vocals, keyboards and saxes need to be recorded. Until then have fun. You'll hear from us again soon.


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  • Siddharta nominated for the Viktor award

    This year once again Siddharta have been nominated for the popularity Viktor media award.

    The popularity Viktor is the award voted for by the public, by our fans. We are proud to be nominated and excited about all the support you have given us through all these years. Thank you!

    As we are in the middle of our studio work for the new album, we won't be able to participate in this year's Viktor awards show. We have therefore decided to give our fans an exceptional opportunity: among our most devoted fans we will choose six who will take over our duties for the day in question. We will present them with our nominees' invitations so that they will be able to see the show live and in the event that we win the award, they will even get to go on stage to accept the award on our behalf and give the thank-you speech. We will see how good they will be at answering reporters' questions and after the whole thing they will get to go to the unforgettable party that is sure to last till morning.


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  • Siddharta and Mitsubishi join for safe-driving awareness

    Sometimes we get the feeling that everything has already been said about safety in driving. That everybody knows everything. And that we as individual drivers are always careful enough. For merely caring about our well-being.

    This is why Mitsubishi Motors and Siddharta have joined forces in a project called "Svetovalnica za varno vožnjo" (safe driving advisor). With the wish in mind for all present and future drivers to get all the information and education about safety in driving as well as the latest research findings necessary. Those that exemplify concretely and offer a way of testing our knowledge. And those that keep in mind the practice.

    More info on www.svv.si.

    Here is what the initiators of the project had to say at today's presentation of the Safe-Driving Advisor project:

    "It might come as a surprise for us to go in cooperation with Siddharta but I'm sure in fact it is optimal. Siddharta is a band well recognized and for its social posture highly respected. Many a youth find in them an example of what is to be done, therefore I believe together we can reach what Mitsubishi has always set their goals to when creating automobiles: ensuring the safety of all persons in traffic, be it those behind the wheel or everybody else – pedestrians, bikers and of course other drivers. The primary goal of our project is for every driver who sees Siddharta's Colt CZT on the road to realize how important his or her role is with ensuring safety in traffic. Our long-term goal however is to have the awareness rise at the view of any vehicle," says Andrej Bergant, director of Mitsubishi Slovenia official distributor AC-Konim.

    "Members of Siddharta have decided to take part in such an action of social enlightenment for two reasons. One is that in the past we were contrary to our wishes many times forced to decline many a request for charity appearances and performances. As we feel more socially responsible each time we bring something new to the scene, we decided to go forth with a campaign which will help solve one of the biggest problems today's society faces and which we are in contact practically every single day, a campaign which will improve traffic awareness. The other reason is to be looked for in the response of AC-Konim to our request for sponsorship of our upcoming album. It was quite a surprising response we got from the company: instead of financial means we were offered personal automobiles. At first sight an offer completely unacceptable and causing moral hindrances, it was given a purpose and resulted in the Safe-Driving Advisor project. The level of traffic awareness in Slovenia raises concern about the egocentric-individualist state of mind. Our goal is through our primary mission – music – and ultimately through the recognizability of the Advisor as Siddharta's socially enlightening symbol to help raise the level of traffic awareness on Slovenia's roads," explain Siddharta.

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  • Week 1: drum'n'bass days

    We've begun.. finally! Back in the studio, with new materials.

    Starting off are Boštjan and Jani, who have to record the foundations for all the rest of the instruments.

    After the long and painful drum setup and tuning, setting the microphones and wiring the lot to the mixer console, on Tuesday we recorded the first "tracks" of our new album.

    It sounds great... at least these are our first impressions. But anyway, you will probably be able to hear a bit for yourselves soon.

    Until next week a big ROCK'N'ROLL to everyone!!!


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S Siddharto v Mitsubishi Colt CZT

Včasih se nam zdi, da smo o prometni varnosti slišali že vse. Da o tem prepevajo že ptiči na drevesu. In da smo mi kot vozniki vsak za sebe tako ali tako dovolj previdni. Ker nas pač skrbi za svoje življenje.

Zato smo Mitsubishi Motors in Siddharta združili moči in ustvarili projekt Svetovalnica za varno vožnjo. Z željo, da vsi sedanji in prihodnji vozniki dobimo tisto točko informiranja oziroma izobraževanja, ki nam lahko poda vse osnovne informacije o varnosti v prometu kot tudi rezultate novih raziskav in dognanj. Ki vse to govori skozi konkretne primere in ki nam lahko ob tem ponudi tudi sistem preverjanja znanja. In ki ne pozablja na prakso.

več informacij bomo objavljali na spletni strani www.svv.si