• Concert in Ljubljana

    For the last show of our Petrolea tour that rocked Slovenia over past few months we chose Ljubljana. It's "our" town, where it all began...from creating first music to first shows in local clubs and pubs. However, we left out the city center and that was now redeemed. The concert took place in the very city center, at Prešernov square. The midday rehearsal already indicated the perfect evening. With the help of all three supporting acts that were joining us on this tour (naio ssaion, Leaf-fat and Tide – thanks to you all!!!) we managed to warm-up over ten thousand people. There is nothing more beautiful and magnificent to a musician than the feeling you get when you see the mass of supporters in front of the stage. It sure was a night to remember. We wish that the up-coming year would be much like this evening...full of joy, satisfaction and pleasure with good music and that we can always rely on you – our trustworthy fans. We love you all and wish you a very happy new year!

    Yours Siddharta

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  • Concert in Nova Gorica

    This concert took place in front of Perla in the center of Nova Gorica and literally happened on the street. The temperature was close to zero and we made sure to raise it with a great party, which came useful to us on the stage as well. The audience of five thousand people welcomed us and our gig gushingly and lively and spent two hours and twenty minutes with us and not a minute less, even though it was so cold. This was the last concert before the finishing one, which will take place in the centre of Ljubljana, more precisely, on the Prešeren square on 27th of December at 20:00p.m. Considering that we started this tour on Ljubljana’s castle, we think it is appropriate to finish it also in Ljubljana.

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  • Siddharta’s Petrolea will ignite Ljubljana

    Siddharta saved up yet another surprise for the end of the year to finish the concert promotion of “Petrolea” album.

    The beginning of the tour was announced by a notable August concert on Ljubljana’s castle, which only lucky selected invitation receivers got to see. To finish the tour, Siddharta returns to Ljubljana with a big free concert.

    The Prešeren square in Ljubljana will be the scene of a unique 4 hour long concert event, starting at 8 p.m. and lasting until midnight, on Wednesday 27th of December.

    Siddharta’s evening with guests, which will additionaly add variety to the event, will be possible to hear on Val 202 programme and the recording will be aired also at the beginning of next year on national television.

    The fourth studio album presented two singles so far, including videos, which continue a series of excellent visualizations for which Siddharta received numerous awards and recognitions. All those that won’t be able to see the concert in Ljubljana will have another chance to catch Siddharta’s concert in Nova Gorica on 22nd of December.

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  • Concert in Murska Sobota

    The 4-hour-journey to MS came in handy to get some more sleep, lacking due to a previous night. Arrival in sleep mode - an absolute need for a coffee and a short walk through East MS followed. After dinner, we saw naio ssaion, the supporting act, and we felt great, which was also due to our crew members, who always make sure we have fun both, before and after the show. The gig was fine, audience completely satisfied, and the regular meet and greet in front of the cameras followed. In addition, our keyboard player reached 30 - what a happy atmosphere that was. The departure was late, obviously, we reached Ljubljana at around 7 a.m., took care of equipment and went to bed. That was our penultimate gig at Petrolea Tour, the epilogue follows in Ljubljana, in the very centre at Prešeren Square. All the details will be posted shortly. Till then, have fun and Merry Xmas.

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  • Concert in Novo mesto

    We couldn't wait to play Novo mesto on Friday. The audience went wild and ecstatic after more than 2 hours of rocking, therefore we reckoned it suitable for a rock band to go party with them all night long. As an end-of-tour gift we kicked in a few more songs and the Marof hall was literally dancing..."al je blu res dobru", a dialect quote meaning - it was truly great - could be heard from all around. Only in the early morning could we lay our exhausted bodies onto our beds, just for a little more than 4 hours, because at 11 a.m. the bus for Murska Sobota was already waiting for us.

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© Siddharta / Aleksander Remec

Koncert v Novem mestu

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Težko pričakovani koncert v Novem mestu se je zgodil v petek. Koncert z najbolj podivjano in našpičeno publiko, s katero smo po koncertu tudi zažurali vse do jutra, kot se za rokenrol bend tudi spodobi, je trajal več kot dve uri. Dodali smo še nekaj komadov, ker se turneja bliža koncu in se nam je zdelo primerno da vam podarimo še nekaj dodatnih minut našega nastopa. Dvorana Marof pa je dobesedno plesala z nami..."al je blu res dobru", če citiramo novomeške domačinke in domačine. V zgodnjih jutranjih urah smo prišli do domače postelje, kjer so naša telesa popadala za dobre 4 ure, namreč ob 11h nas je že čakal avtobus za Mursko Soboto.