• Concert in Zagorje ob Savi

    Past Trojane, through Izlake and straight to the sports hall in Zagorje for the sound check. It all ran so smoothly. A young lady named Tisa, an excellent sound technician from Ljubljana, took great care of our sound. Afterwards we had dinner at a place just outside Hrastnik, where we were indulged with meat and seafood delicacies. In Hrastnik we were awaited by a small group of young fans. We took some time for a talk and some photos with them.
    After dinner we returned to Zagorje and kicked off the show at 21:15 with Mr. Q. It was truly a great gig. To boast off a bit we'd like to say that we believe we were really well in tune, more than we'd ever been thus far, which must have been felt by our fans before the stage as well. After the gig we spent some time with our fans and had the opportunity to see a few genuine magic tricks done by our Edo. Edo, respect!
    Back in Ljubljana at around 2 in the morning, our super crew unloaded the equipment and together we hit Orto bar. After all, a free weekend was ahead of us, plus we wouldn’t see each other for a whole week because of our trip to the MTV Awards in Copenhagen. More on that when we return though.

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  • Final version of the Domine video

    We give you the final version of the video for the song Domine, the second video from the Petrolea album.

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  • Concert in Koper

    The wind in Koper chilled us to the marrow but in the evening it was our chance for payback. It was one of our best gigs of the tour. And we finished it off in the perfect rock‘n’roll manner with “Na Soncu”. After the concert we took time to hang around with our fans and partied till the early morning hours. The after-party took place in Ljubljana's Orto Bar. We wish to point out the most important part of our team, the Siddharta Crew (Duši, Bobi, Kraški, Furi, Darjan, Pero, Vido, Grant). Withouth these guys the band couldn’t work as well as it does. They’re the ones who make sure our equipment is taken care of while on stage and off it, as well as the sound and the lights. We’re also very good friends, just like a big happy family and we have lots of fun and laughter together! So guys, much RESPECT to you! And in the meantime we’re already getting ready for the next gig… 

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  • Voting for the MTV EMA 06

    The Best Adriatic Act at the European Music Awards voting is gradually closing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took your time and voted for us. Excited we're setting out for Copenhagen in hope for the best possible outcome

    The voting link: http://ema.mtvadria.com/site.jhtml
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  • Concert in Metlika

    Saturday’s gig took place in Metlika. We hadn’t played there for quite a while. It was vintage time and we were offered to taste the new wine and homemade gin and schnapps. The food was home cooked too. We had a great time during dinner, the gig was awesome and so was the time afterwards. The crowd was amazing but that was no longer an exception! We had some friends from Novo mesto there as well. On the way back we stopped by the “Patriot” club in Novo mesto. There we ran into our support act Leaf Fat and had fun with our crew, who take great care of us and our equipment. Slowly we headed back home. In Ljubljana we unloaded the equipment, said goodbye to the driver, shook hands and finally went home to bed…

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  • Concert in Sl. Gradec

    Friday the 13th was perfect for the Slovenj Gradec gig. When we arrived around 4 o'clock, everything was ready for the sound check. We checked different instruments on four of our songs. The monitoring was also rather quick. This meant we’d got quite a lot of concerts behind us and things were running smoothly. After the sound check we had dinner which was fun as always. At eight o’clock we left the restaurant and went back to the venue to get ready for the gig. At around nine Siddharta took the audience on a two-hour journey through the ten years of our musical creativity. It was euphoria! After the concert we dedicated our time to our fans. Many times these backstage meetings last till the early morning, this was no exception. And then we went back to Ljubljana.

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  • Domine (video shoot, part 2)

    On Tuesday we spent the whole day at the VPK studio for the Domine video shoot. We shot the part of the video where the band appears.
    Miloš Srdič and Dafne Jemeršič worked on the video, the latter was in charge of the camera. She made sure the camera videotaped all the details in the relatively small room. Our clothing was taken care of by the Oktober company and our stylists of NOM3 while guys from Salon Mali did our hair and Rea Šribar the makeup. The video was shot for both the Slovene and the English version of the song.
    Needless to say, such video shoots are quite straining. They last at least 8 hours straight, during which time we have to be constantly present, plus the set needs to be prepared, then the instruments, etc.
    The room where the video shoot took place was black, lit from different angles, with the band rocking with full power and in the middle.
    More about the video will be announced next week when it is finished and ready to hit the TV screens.

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  • Three concert dates cancelled

    We are sad to announce that due to logistic difficulties in the organisation the following concerts have had to be cancelled:
    - 28. 10. 2006, Gorišnica pri Ptuju
    - 30. 10. 2006, Železniki
    - 18. 11. 2006, Postojna
    All who have already purchased the tickets for the above three concerts can use the tickets for any other concert of the “Petrolea” tour this year, or return them undamaged to the place of purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience the cancellation might have caused.
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  • Concert in Tolmin

    The winding road to Tolmin led us through Idrija, where hillsides are overgrown with forests -- it was anything but a bore for our driver to deliver us to Tolmin where we were to perform that evening in the local elementary school gym. The day was a bit cloudy. We went for a short walk through the town and stopped for a cup of coffee, served to us by an interesting lady, who was done up like a dog's dinner from head to toe. There we also indulged ourselves with proscutio that scored a perfect 10. The right proscutio melts in your mouth. Yeah, it really was delicious! After the sound check we went back to our bus to rest as we were still a bit tired after the gigs in Maribor. The concert started 15 minutes after nine and the crowd was overwhelmed from the beginning to the end. After the gig we hanged around and partied till the early morning hours. After arriving back in Ljubljana we said goodbye and headed straight for our beds. It was a great weekend and we’re very happy and pleased about it!

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  • Concert in Maribor (Friday)

    Friday's was an open-type concert, which all our closest and most loyal fans from Slovenia and even Croatia were able to attend. One could feel the energy literally lifting us all up to the sky.
    The pure rock ‘n’ roll concert was followed by spending time with fans and taking photos with them. Amongst the fans we also noticed those who won their concert tickets in a competition. After the short party we packed up and headed for the bus which took us safely back to Ljubljana. Saturday’s gig in Tolmin was waiting.
    Let us tell you a little secret. It isn’t always all quiet and sleepy on the bus either. Many times we fool around and have fun all the way to the town of performance. Even in the early morning hours when we can hardly wait to get some sleep filled with unusual dreams, we cannot but say a word or two about the concert and the time spent with fans afterwards. Let the place rumble!!!

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  • Concert in Maribor (Thursday)

    On Thursday we had a gig in the Leon Štukelj sports hall in Maribor. The concert was organized by the University of Maribor and so it was for students only. The venue, one of the biggest so far, was almost full and the audience confirmed that fact at the beginning of our appearance on the stage. A good two-hour concert took us through the ten years of our work, which revealed many an interesting thing about us…
    Needless to say, our concerts are always such enjoyable events. The unbelievable atmosphere and the energy while going on stage. And then journey begins…
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  • MTV EMA 06

    As you probably already know by now, Siddharta has again been nominated for MTV Best Adriatic Act Award. In the company of other nominees it is competing for the statue that represents confirmation of good work in the music field and is, consecutively, being inspired for future achievements. Last year the band won the statue with your help and thanked for it in a special way with Petrolea album. You can show your support again by voting for your favourite band in the category for Best Adriatic Act category at  http://ema.mtvadria.com/site.jhtml.

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  • Domine

    The video for song Domine was made in less than a month. It was produced by the AVK team. The story was written by Tomi Horvat and Miloš Radosavljevič, who also directed the video. The photography was in the hands of Miloš Srdič and the camera in the hands of Vladan Jankovič. The story can be understood in more ways. Foremost it’s about intertwined destinies. It is about the eternal game of the domination between a man and a woman, about pushing and shoving, about covering and uncovering of our desires. The creators were moving on the edge between the explicit and the hidden deliberately. The coach, superbly portrayed by actor Matija Vastl, is the one who takes it out on one of the athletes (Neža Uršič) during the training. Later the story takes a turn. Is it the vengeance or merely a coincidence? The interpretation is left to the viewers and it probably depends on one’s own preferences.

    The set for the second part of the video was made by the AKV team with the help of Tina Krajnc, whereas the first part was shot on the top of the parking building Šentpeter near a hospital in Ljubljana. The assistant director and filming director was Kristina Ravnikar, and the stylist was Katja Rosa.

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Voting for the MTV EMA 06

The Best Adriatic Act at the European Music Awards voting is gradually closing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took your time and voted for us. Excited we're setting out for Copenhagen in hope for the best possible outcome

The voting link: http://ema.mtvadria.com/site.jhtml