• MTV EMA 2005

    We were there too when MTV Adria was launched. The presence of MTV in our region has brought many a good thing, including the opportunity for our artists to compete for the most prestigious European music awards.

    MTV's 40-member panel of jurors called the EMA Academy has chosen 5 finalists among the 23 candidates from our region who made it to the World Chart Express on MTV European between August 2004 and August 2005; these are: Leut Magnetik, Leeloojamais, Urban & 4, Massimo and Siddharta. The winner will be chosen by you and will be presented with the MTV Europe Music Award in the category »Best Act – MTV Adria«.

    Details about the MTV Europe Music Award and the voting can be found here.

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  • Big Foot Siddharta

    We are honoured to have been invited to join our friends Big Foot Mama at the celebration of their 15th anniversary. And such an invitation is not to be turned down. We will bestow the giants of Slovene rock music, who are in a way responsible for all this, by performing in our own way one of the tracks from their wide repertoire.

    Big Foot Mama, happy anniversary and see you at Gospodarsko razstavišče on October 28th!
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  • Siddharta goodies

    While Siddharta members have locked ourselves in the studio in order to record our fourth studio album, our web page is a lively place - with the help of the media and our fans we have been diligently compiling materials such as recordings of interviews and other pieces of radio and TV shows from the very beginning of Siddharta's existence till now.

    The pieces will be added to our page on a daily basis but in the meantime we would like to ask all who might have any recordings that have not been added yet to send them to our address Siddharta, p.o.box 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia. After addition to the page these will of course be returned to the sender.

    With these, you will be able to learn even more about Siddharta and even what you might have already forgotten.

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  • Zagreb, Croatia (MTV Adria Launch)

    September 10th. The day when MTV Adria celebrated and announced its broadcast start, both in Ljubljana and Zagreb. We performed in Zagreb, where about 4,000 people showed up.
    Our half-hour performance began at 18:35 sharp but we were all but pleased. There was still daylight plus the arena was not full yet. Our fans thought we would be playing no sooner than 9 PM.

    All in all it was a perfectly done concert, the energy on and before the stage was great.

    Thank you all for the support. We hope we meet again soon.


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Naj se (ne) sliši...

Napovedani zadnji koncert promocije plošče Rh- v Sloveniji, ki naj bi se zgodil 29. septembra v ljubljanskih Križankah, je zaradi logističnih zapletov pri organizaciji žal ODPOVEDAN. Siddharta se vsem, ki ste se koncerta nameravali udeležiti, iskreno opravičuje in obžaluje nastalo zmedo, ki je posledica preuranjene najave koncerta. Ne glede na zaplet skupina nadaljuje z ustvarjanjem nove glasbe za naslednjo ploščo - podrobnosti seveda sledijo na www.siddharta.net.