• Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2

    Today Mute release a follow-up to the 1994's compilation Trans-Slovenia-Express, remakes of Kraftwerk's covers.
    The aim of this new compilation entitled Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2 was to show what has happened during the 11 years in this small country in the heart of Europe, where the basic aim remained the same: to showcase the Slovene music scene and its diversity.
    The album includes remakes by artists such as Laibach, Silence, The Stroj and others. Siddharta's contribution to the album is their version of Kraftwerk's The Robots.
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  • Concert at Rumena noč (Yellow Night) in Koper, SLO

    At about 1 PM we took off, heading for the coast, Koper to be exact, where we were to perform at the Rumena noč event. The weather was great and so was the atmosphere on the bus, which took us to the location of our performance: Tito Square in Koper, right up to the stage.

    After the sound check we had all the time to check out some other events and concerts, for a dinner and a walk by the sea.

    Our performance began a little after midnight and lasted for a good hour and a half. The full Tito Square and the energetic crowd kept us bursting with energy while playing and keeping the whole square on their feet. With this being the last concert before our holidays, it will stay well-remembered in our memories as it truly was wild, wild!

    Have a great summer and we'll see each other again in the autumn.

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  • Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro (Exit)

    Right upon arrival we were fascinated by the wonderful location in the fortress above the Donava. A huge number of stages, a large variety of music to choose from and a crowd of over 10,000 people all added to the undescribably positive festival atmosphere.
    We had been scheduled to go on stage at 2:25 AM but an hour-long delay was of course inevitable. Though it was an early hour we were awaited by a full auditorium of spectators before the second largest stage of the festival. We received great response from the audience and after the 45-minute performance we left the stage triumphantly.
    Exit left a lasting imprint on us and so - we hope - did we leave one on Exit.

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  • Rock Otočec, Slovenia

    We returned to the place of our first festival performance. After the years 1999, 2000 and 2002 this was our fourth performance at Rock Otočec, however the first at the location where it all began, Otočec itself.
    We arrived at 6 PM and were hit by a problem: our bus was too heavy for the bridge to bear the load. We put our equipment in a van and while it was being taken to the stage, we headed there on foot. It was not far to get to the stage, it was interesting, though. We got a few muddy hugs, stepped into mud a few times up to our knees but finally managed to reach the backstage area.
    It was 10:45 PM and the concert started. After our last big tour across Slovenia in the end of 2003 this was our first performance in the Dolenjsko region. And it showed we'd been absent for quite a while. Both on stage with us doing our best in a powerful performance, as off stage, where we were awaited by a crowd of a few thousand who sang along and jumped to our music.
    It was an amazing atmosphere at Otočec, the only bad impression was left by the location, which served a little too much mud.

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  • Online store update

    In our online store you can now find LED lights in two different sizes and two different colours. Also available as a gift set.
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Online store update

In our online store you can now find LED lights in two different sizes and two different colours. Also available as a gift set.
Click on Store...