• Bielefeld, Germany (Forum)

    Day five of our tour began with our arrival in Bielefeld on a clear, beautiful morning, which soon turned into a stormy afternoon with heavy rain. During the sound-check preparations we kept ourselves busy with various sports activities (badminton, running, table football). Today we had a cook, who was hired just for us, make a delicious lunch right there in front of us. We have been more than satisfied with both the food and the service on this tour. At 10 PM the concert started. The audience of a little over 50 people agreed with us that it was again a great concert. We signed a few autographs for our new fans and gave a few interviews. The evening ended up in a pleasant party in the morning hours.


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  • Weinheim, Germany (Café Central)

    After a day off we moved on to Weinheim, the next stop on our German tour. Weinheim is a small town close to the French border and gives a somewhat peaceful first impression. We played in a club called Café Central, which is probably the smallest venue of all on this tour. Though there were not that many visitors to the concert, being Monday and all, we played with full dedication and with full power. With each concert we seem to be more consistent with one another.
    Our compliments to the club promoter for all the support and great food...

    Keep on rockin'!

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  • Day off!

    It is our day off today. Tomorrow the tour continues in Weinheim.
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  • Munich, Germany (Backstage)

    We were already parked at the door of the Backstage Club when we awoke. Just one look at the venue -- it was very promising. And the promises became reality. The hall with a spacious stage, a comfy backstage and a selection of catering items to choose from. During the sound-check and the concert itself we were really pleased with the sound; it lifted the spirits on stage, as well as in the not-exactly-full club. Due to a celebration of two of our team members' birthdays the evening became the morning...

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  • Karlsruhe, Germany (Substage)

    After a ride of almost 12 hours we arrived in a town called Karlsruhe. This was our first opportunity of going on tour with a nightliner. To say a few words about the bus: downstairs there's a "living room", kitchen, TV sets, "dining room" and a lavatoty. Upstairs is a place for sleeping or resting.

    In the afternoon we had a sound-check and dinner afterwards. The concert started at 9:20 PM and we did a pretty good job at enlivening the audience. After the encore we met the fans from Germany and of course from Slovenia. We were again surprised to see Slovene fans, who came to our concert all the way from Luxembourg.

    Our compliments to the organizers of the concerts and the club staff.

    From our biggest German tour, in hope to see you soon,

    your Siddharta

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  • Journey to Germany

    Day 1 of our German tour began with leaving Ljubljana at 1:30 AM. On our way to the first concert place in Karlsruhe we got to experience the luxury of travelling with a nightliner, which will be our home for the duration of the tour. We arrived in Karlsruhe at 2 PM, the concert starts at 9:15. The atmosphere in the team is fantastic. It has started!!!

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  • Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany

    Friday 13th began with our departure from Ljubljana in the early morning, only this time there was a slight delay. It took us approximately 13 hours to get to Leipzig and to make it a perfect Friday 13th, a traffic jam slowed us down even more. To cut it short, we arrived in Leipzig exactly half an hour before our show, which was to last 45 minutes. That gave us a good half an hour long concert, energetic to the fullest as we played full power numbers only. We can brag about playing on the biggest stage of this three-day-long "gothic" festival, the visitor capacity of which can be up to 300,000. We are very satisfied with the concert. The audience sang along and went wild together with us, though it was the first time to hear us for most of them. But we received a huge round of applause at the end and heard shouts of words like "Zugabe", which means encore. We hope to have even more reactions like this in the future.

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Karlsruhe, Nemčija (Substage)

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Po skoraj 12-urni vožnji smo prispeli v mesto Karlsruhe. Tokrat smo se imeli prvikrat možnost peljati s t.i. tour-busom. Če ga malo opišemo: v pritličju ima dnevne prostore, kuhinjo, televizije, jedilnico in stranišče. Zgoraj pa je prostor, namenjen spanju, počivanju.V popoldanskih urah smo opravili tonsko vajo, po kateri je sledila večerja.

Koncert smo pričeli ob 21:20 in dodobra razživeli občinstvo. Po koncertnem dodatku smo se družili s feni iz Nemčije in seveda tudi iz Slovenije. Presenetili so nas zopet slovenski feni, ki so prišli na naš koncert tudi iz Luksemburga.

Pohvala tudi celotni organizaciji koncerta in samemu osebju kluba.

Z naše največje turneje po Nemčiji, v upanju, da se kmalu vidimo,

vaša Siddharta