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    The latest album "Rh- + DVD (special edition)" can be bought through our online store. Read more about the album under Store at our web page or click here http://store.siddharta.net.

    Audio CD contents:
    01. Rh- (intro)
    02. Japan
    03. My Dice
    04. Insane
    05. Sim Hae
    06. Kloner
    07. Rooskie
    08. Rave
    09. Rain
    10. Core
    11. T.H.O.R.
    12. You Betray
    13. Venom E
    14. Marslander
    15. Etna

    Bonus DVD contents:
    Interview with the band (approx. 1 hour)
    Rave (English video version 2005 and making of the video)
    Insane (English video version 2005 and making of the video)
    My Dice (English video version 2005)
    Japan (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    T.H.O.R. (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    Etna (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    Concert photos and band photos

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  • Fourth Viktor added to the collection

    At tonight's Viktor 2004 show Siddharta were awarded their fourth Viktor, the public-awarded Band-of-the-year Viktor. At this occasion Siddharta complimented all the bands who helped raise the quality level of Slovene music in the past year. They didn’t neglect expressing their thanks to all who have stood by them and made them stronger.
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  • Siddharta's first decade

    It's been ten years exactly since Siddharta's first concert at the Šentvid High School in Ljubljana. Forty spectators overcrowded the band's practice place while witnessing an hour and a half of beginner rock n' roll, yet one could already feel the raw energy that still marks their live performances.
    Happy anniversary, guys!
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  • Rh- Special Edition

    In the end of March (21st March 2005) Siddharta are releasing their Rh- Special Edition album. The audio CD will include 14 tracks in the English language. Besides that, the package will contain a DVD with band photos, making of the videos, videos, live footage from the Ljubljana Stadium concert and an hour-long interview with the band. A special treat for all the fans of Siddharta and their music. The Rh- album will be released in Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and in Croatia.

    This occasion will also be marked by the introduction of Siddharta's new official web page located at www.siddharta.net and the official forums in Slovene, English, Polish and German.

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  • The Highway to Kell festival, Germany

    We left Ljubljana on Friday evening at about 8:30 and set off to the northern part of Germany. The bus ride took all night and we arrived in Kell at about 10 AM. Some of us took some time before lunch to rest, the others went for a short walk through the town called Kell.

    Among other things we checked the venue: the sports hall where the evening concert was to take place. Everything was in full swing there, the stage was being built and the room prepared for the arrival of the 1,500 fans of two bands: a local rock band and Siddharta.

    After lunch the time came for the sound check, which went by without a single problem so we lingered no more but returned to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before the evening event.

    We walked on stage at about 11 PM and took the heated-up audience through our music. The audience gave us a heartily welcome and cheered loudly right to the end.

    The feeling after the concert was great but neither that nor the concert promoters' pile of congrats could delay our departure at 3:30 AM for the long journey back to Ljubljana awaited.

    Again we have to thank our Slovene fans for paying a visit to us in Kell. We are also truly grateful to our loyal concert crew, without whom we could not be able to do what we do. Warm thanks to all!

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© Siddharta

Prva desetletnica Siddharte

Pred natanko desetimi leti se je v prostorih Gimnazije Šentvid zgodil prvi koncert skupine Siddharta. Štirideset obiskovalcev, natlačenih v Siddhartin prostor za vaje, je bilo priča uri in pol začetniškega rokenrola...pa vendar se je že čutila tista surova energija, ki zaznamuje nastope še danes.

Fantje, vse najboljše!