• ...after the documentary...

    On 13th September the public was shown the premiere of Siddharta's documentary movie in the Kolosej cinema building in Ljubljana. As we walked in, we were awaited by quite a bunch of fans, obviously quite eager to see the movie as it was our first documentary and for that reason perhaps even more personal.
    It feels great to see how important through all these years we have been for these people, how much hard work has been done and will yet have to be done to reach the goal we all believe in: belonging to the very top of the world's music scene. :)
    We noticed familiar faces from Ljubljana the next day in Maribor and Celje, some in Koper as well, where the documentary presentation concluded on 15th September.
    A sincere thank you to all the fans who believe in us.

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  • Siddharta on music TV stations and in the cinema

    Siddharta meets great response and strong support from music TV stations across Europe
    On Monday 13th September, MTV European will introduce Siddharta's latest video in their 'MTV New' show. On top of that, Siddharta have been chosen as 'Artist of the Week' and the presentation of the band will be up on MTV's web page www.mtv.tv. Hence Siddharta's presentations will join those of the world-famous bands like Metallica, Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, Dido, Prince, and others.
    From 20th September the video will be aired on domestic, as well as other significant European music TV stations: MTV (France, Germany, Holland, Nordic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain), Viva (Germany, Poland, Plus) and VH1.
    All attending the premiere of Siddharta's documentary as a part of the event in Ljubljana will have the unique opportunity of seeing the new video on big screen in a live transmission of the MTV European programme.
    The documentary movie will be shown in the Kolosej cinema buildings:
    on 13th September at 5 PM in Ljubljana
    on 14th September at 5 PM in Maribor
    on 14th September at 7 PM in Celje
    on 15th September at 5 PM in Koper

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  • The Ring / My Dice video premiere

    On Monday, 13th September, a year after the big Ljubljana stadium concert, the fourth video from the Rh- album will be aired as world premiere. For their latest single Siddharta have chosen their song My Dice, which has been made a video in two versions, an English and a Slovenian one.
    The English version entitled My Dice will premiere on MTV European in the 'MTV New' show, which presents the latest videos in the world production. From Thursday, 16th September, the video will be put on power rotation in the 'Super Rock' show, which is dedicated to rock music lovers and is on every Thursday at 11 PM.
    The Slovenian version, Ring will premiere on Saturday, 18th September in the 'World Chart Express' show, whereas from Monday 20th the video will be aired on all other TV stations.

    Both versions of the video, Ring and My Dice will, of course, be available on Siddharta's web page www.siddharta.net.

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  • New S.A.M.O. skin

    A year after the release of the special-edition album Rh- the so-called Bloodbag, which stopped by music stores across Slovenia for a short while, we gave S.A.M.O. forum a brand new, bloody look: the Rh- Bloodbag Skin.
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