• Bleiburg, Austria

    We made some noise again. This time in Austria's Carinthia.

    We left early in the morning as before the soundcheck we had a pile of interviews scheduled. The "Culture Home" in Bleiburg has a wonderful and very accoustic hall with a big stage and we had no problem fitting all our stuff up there.

    We came on stage a little after 10 PM. We spotted many familiar faces in the front rows. What followed was two hours of rock n' roll, going wild on and off stage. We got back that stage feeling we really had missed. And the atmosphere. And the fans.

    We took a quarter of an hour off to change and breath in some fresh air, and then members of our S.A.M.O. forum and a few other fans joined us backstage. By the way: they hired a bus to come to Bleiburg. They created a great atmosphere there too. They congratulated Alf, Tomi and Primož for their birthdays and presented us all with S.A.M.O. keychains. Thanks again to all! We are proud to have fans like you are...
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  • MTV Europe

    MTV Europe approached Siddharta with a request to use their song 'Ring' (from the Rh- album) as the title music for MTV Europe's new chart show called the Rock Charts. Siddharta gladly accepted the proposal and now you can watch the Rock Charts two times a week, scheduled in prime time on Sunday and Tuesday at 19.00 (CET).
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  • Trans Slovenia Express

    Trans Slovenia Express is a compilation of various artist performing Kraftwerk songs. Artist like Laibach, Coptic Rain and Random Logic took part in this project.The album was released by Mute Records in 1994. Thesedays the sequel is in the making. Siddharta will be contributing their vision of Kraftwerk's The Robots. More updates coming soon.
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© Kraftwerk

Trans Slovenia Express

Trans Slovenia Express je kompilacija, na kateri različni avtorji izvajajo glasbo skupine Kraftwerk. Pri projektu so sodelovali izvajalci kot so Laibach, Coptic Rain in Random Logic.

Album je izšel leta 1994 pri založbi Mute Records. V teh dneh nastaja njegov naslednik, za katerega bodo Siddharta prispevali svojo vizijo skladbe The Robots skupine Kraftwerk.