• Concert in Ljubljana - #2


    Friday’s concert in Ljubljana will remain in our minds, written in capitals.

    The unbelievable energy, which tore the heated atmosphere in the hall, was a clear and convincing proof that our fans, our audience, our friends have got what it takes. It is almost impossible to imagine having completed this year’s concerts in a better way.

    It has given us, Siddharta a push for our further work greater than ever. So thank you once again to all of you who have given us your support throughout the years, to all who joined us in the five concerts across Slovenia to share with us the demolishing energy and emotions.

    The night after Friday’s concert many a toast was proposed to YOU.

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  • Rh- re-released

    After a year the doors outside Slovenia are opening. We hereby announce the release date of the international version of the Rh- album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: 21st March 2005.
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  • Concert in Ljubljana - #1

    In accordance to it being a Thursday and their average age, the cold Ljubljana audience reflected the characteristics of the promising concert hall just renovated.
    One of the greatest stage benefits is turning the cold into warmth, warmth into heat, and heat into energy, which is then passed on and off stage between the band and the audience. Thank you for being susceptible, thank you for accepting, thank you for being you.

    There was heat in the air on Thursday.

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  • Concert in Kranj

    I don't know what to say. I really don't know what to say!

    The audience in Kranj has never let us down. The overcrowded Dom Krajanov Primskovo in Kranj was like one. Energy, music and emotions overwhelmed every single soul in there. The setlist of twenty-seven songs was one of the longest in the history of Siddharta concerts. Yet the concert was over in a flash.

    Afterwards a few words with the fans, a beer or two and back home. But the music remained in our ears. After all, the hall stood up to as much PA as the stadium.

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  • Statistics

    Today around noon time our web page counter stopped at 500,000 visitors since 25th June 2003. The busiest day ever was 15th September, just two days after the sold-out stadium concert, while on 3rd January 2004 we had a crowd of as many as 96 S.A.M.O. users on board our official forum, which has today been online for two years precisely.
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Koncert v Kranju

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Sploh ne vem, kaj naj rečem, sploh ne vem, kaj naj rečem!!!

Kranjska publika nikoli ne razočara. Nabito polni Dom krajanov na Primskovem je deloval kot eno...energija, glasba in emocije so prežele sleherno dušo. Sedemindvajset komadov dolga setlista je bila ena najdaljših v Siddhartini koncertni zgodovini. Pa vendar je koncert minil kot bi mignil.

Po koncertu smo izmenjali nekaj besed s fani, spili pivo ali dva in se podali domov. V ušesih pa nam je še vedno odmevala glasba...nenazadnje je bilo v dvorani skoraj toliko ozvočenja kot na stadionu.