• Concert in Postojna, Slovenia

    Despite different conditions (a different PA system, other performing artists) we staged one of the last concerts in the concert string of the Rh- tour very well. The performance was a bit shorter this time, but no less energetic.

    Merry Christmas!

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  • Concert in Prevalje, Slovenia

    Even this happens sometimes: in the middle of Kloner the power went out in the venue. But it motivated us and the audience even more. Together we were even louder and more powerful. The more the end of the tour comes closer, the more energetic our performances are. We are now facing a long way home. And tomorrow we are off to Kranj.

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  • Concert in Ptuj, Slovenia

    One of the last concerts in the Styrian end of Slovenia... and we were right to have looked forward to it. Amazing audience and great sound - that is all we need and that is exactly what happened. Despite the long journey and the early departure from Ljubljana we never regretted a single second. An acoustic hall, loud fans and a powerful performance filled us with the energy to last long into the night.

    A concert goes by but the memories remain! Forever...

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  • Concert in Vrhnika, Slovenia

    Stepping towards the stage, a huge round of applause brings a smile, I catch the eyes of all band members, they say this will be a good show.

    Correction.... not good, this was the best one we've had on this tour by now. The moments of dizziness were the peak of the heated atmosphere in the Vrhnika sports hall.

    And at the very end presents from members of the one and only S.A.M.O. forum. Thank you all very much!

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  • Concert in Velenje, Slovenia

    Velenje has never let us down and this time in the renovated Red Hall was no exception. We had some trouble with the sound, true, as the hall is a bit ungrateful in that regard but the hall being filled with energetic audience pushed the unpleasant fact aside immediately.

    An unforgettable evening, filled with energy, heat and loud rock n' roll.

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  • T.H.O.R. video

    The new video for the song T.H.O.R. - live from the concert in Ljubljana.
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T.H.O.R. video

The new video for the song T.H.O.R. - live from the concert in Ljubljana.