• Concert in Sežana, Slovenia

    We will remember this concert for great organization, the fantastic response from the audience, a full venue and more. The hall was acoustic enough for us to feel great on stage and the chit-chat with the fans lasted long till the morning hours.

    Way to go Sežana!

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  • Concert in Brežice, Slovenia

    Brežice. A smoothly run two-hour-long show before a big audience, full of energetic euphory and playful. Just like with skaters dancing on icy surface, where you can feel and hear the friction between the ice and the skates, it can be felt when we play before any audience where the various sensuous emotions come together and bind us together in one single whole.

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  • Concert in Litija, Slovenia

    In the acoustically best venue by now we could hear a huge round of applause in the darkness of the first chords. A smile on our faces foretold two hours of pure positive energy transfer in both ways: off the stage and back again.

    I'm sitting here now back stage thinking what to write about how it was.... and I've decided not to tell you. Come and feel for yourself!

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  • Concert in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

    Šempeter near Nova Gorica. We are used to slightly delayed shows in the Primorsko regions of Slovenia and so today we started the show no sooner than 9:30 PM. A cosy ambiance, not windy this time, fell to the sovereign vibrations of the audience of over two thousand after a concert of over two hours. Our fans here are a demanding audience and we will love to come back to heat them up again.

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  • Concert in Novo mesto, Slovenia

    Back in Novo mesto after a long time... nostalgia and pleasant memories. We were not distracted by the full moon nor by the "funny" service in the near-by pizzeria. The organizers in Dolenjsko have outdone themselves and it was like playing at home. The sold-out Marof hall charged our batteries and the night became the morning..

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Koncert Brežice

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Brežice, dvourni koncert pred številčno, polno energične evforije razigrano publiko, bil res je izpeljan tekoče. Kot plešejo plesalci po ledu, pa se čuti, sliši trenje ledu in drsalnih klinov med seboj, tako se to čuti tudi, ko igramo pred katerokoli publiko, kjer prihaja do medsebojne povezave raznolikih čutnih emocij, ki nas povežejo v celoto.