• Concert in Ljutomer

    The way to Ljutomer is a bit longer and this gave us an opportunity to take a nap on our tour bus. We arrived refreshed and ready for the sound check.
    We have to say that the venue is extremely loud and acoustic, which means it can chirp a bit in the ears every now and then. After the dinner we returned to the hall and listened to Tide. At 21.00 it was our turn. The gig was one of the best as far as our feeling is concerned. However, we did have some technical difficulties but that can happen occasionally.
    After the gig we spent some time together with the members of Tide and our fans. We signed CDs, t-shirts, posters, etc. We are very proud of our audience and without it there would be no proper party! Until next Friday when we perform in Maribor… see you!!!

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  • Concert in Ilirska Bistrica

    As we arrived in Ilirska Bistrica on Friday, the hall had already been waiting for us with doors open.
    This was our first concert in this town and we asked a bit if there’s a lot of youths and at what places do they usually go to. We spotted a certain HC club, which was supposed to be for concert purposes, but it was closed. Around 700 people came to our gig which is a record number for the area. Leaf-fat warmed up the crowd and Siddharta gave them a two-hour show where pleasure, party and rock ‘n’ roll are always the top priorities! The crowd was outstanding, full of energy and happiness! It’s really nice to see that what you do gives so much pleasure to people.
    We got back to Ljubljana in the morning hours. We went our separate ways to get some sleep as quickly as possible for there was the 12 o’clock bus to Ljutomer waiting for us.

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  • Concert in Šentjur pri Celju

    Saturday. Sunny day and cloudless sky. On the way to Šentjur we’re watching a film. Action film with Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro. As far as the ride is concerned there’s nothing to add. What a laugh…
    After the arrival in Šentjur we had enough time to go for a walk on such a fair weather day. Before the sound check we had a few short interviews. Afterwards we had dinner which was good and we were in a good mood. Feeling like this we went back to the place of the concert. At 9 o’clock the sound of train was heard and Siddharta started the show with Mr. Q. The hall was extremely hot but its sound has been the most suitable for concerts so far and the party was kicking. The crowd was going wild together with us for the whole two hours. We have to admit that we truly enjoy seeing the way a packed hall is accepting us. This is what we love to do the most. Without all this, without you, our dearest fans, Siddharta wouldn’t even exist. We’re all looking forward to the next week and the gigs in Ilirska Bistrica and Ljutomer.

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  • Concert in Domžale

    In expectation of our setting off for the gig in Domžale on Friday, we had engagements throughout the whole week. Beside practices, we also had meetings and went through the entire organization of concerts, just to make sure everything is going to run smooth.
    The arrival in Domžale was one of the fastest. When we came to the place, the crew had already been prepared and waiting. Our hardworking boys put the equipment on stage. We tuned the instruments and started the sound check. After the sound check we had dinner and then we went to see the performance of our guests TIDE. They warmed up the place really well. At 9 o’clock it was our turn to go on stage. The concert was outstanding in every possible way – great sound in the hall and on the stage, the hall full of party people, the atmosphere and the feeling of the band itself has been the best so far. After the concert we devoted time to our fans to take pictures, talk, give signatures, etc. We had excellent time in Domžale and we hope you did just as well with us. Tonight we’re leaving to Štajerska, Šentjur pri Celju to be exact and party there. How it is going to be and how it was… you will find out that tomorrow!
    Have fun and see you soon at one of our next concerts

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  • Ajdovščina concert

    After cold Jesenice we arrived in Ajdovščina’s sport centre Police at 15:00, where practically everything was ready for the sound check and waiting for us. After the sound check we went on a late lunch. We were feasted with home cooking and drinks. We have to say the staff was exceedingly kind. After the lunch we had an hour time to get ready for the concert which started at 21:00. Our support band LEAF FAT was already warming up the audience. The temperature in the hall was rather high so we had to dress up suitably. Then we stepped on stage to start a good two hours of rock ’n’ roll party with the audience. The feeling on the stage was exceptional. This was also seen after the gig as we spend almost two hours hanging around and talking with our fans. This time we went to bed at about 4 a.m. Sunday’s rest was more than welcome.
    We are looking forward to the coming concerts where the party will be the top priority. We’re expecting you. Be a part of rock ’n’ roll. See you!

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© Siddharta / Aleksander Remec

Konzert in Domžale

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Bereits mit den Gedanken beim Konzert in Domžale am Freitag hatten wir eine Woche voller Verpflichtungen; nicht nur Proben, sondern auch Meetings bzgl. der Konzertorganisation, so das alles wie geschmiert läuft.
Die Ankunft am Freitag in Domžale war eine der schnellsten, denn das gesamte Team wartete bereits auf uns, bereit zum Handeln. Unsere fleissigen Jungs brachten die Ausrüstung zur Bühne, bereiteten unsere Instrumente vor und dann konnten wir mit dem Proben beginnen. Danach folgte das Abendessen und dann gingen wir zurück um unserer Vorband TIDE zuzuhören.
Nachdem sie den vollgestopften Saal aufgeheizt hatten, betraten wir um 21ooUhr die Bühne.  Das Konzert war in jeder Hinsicht fantastisch, von Sound, von dem Veranstaltungsort, von den fantastischen Leuten her, die Atmosphäre, die Stimmung der Band, alles war grossartig. Nach dem Konzert nahmen wir uns Zeit für unsere Fans, unterhielten uns mit ihnen, machten Fotos und gaben Autogramme.  Domžale war toll für uns, und hoffentlich auch für euch.
Heute fahren wir dann nach Steiern, nach Šentjur pri Celju. Wie das wird, und was passiert, findet ihr heraus... morgen.
Also viel Spass und wir sehen uns bei einem der Konzerte!