On Wednesday morning LEDENA will premiere on Val 202. It is the first single off of our upcoming album INFRA.
ENjoy! :)
Potato Night in Veliko Ubeljsko has a 36-year long tradition. This was our first time performing here and we can only hope it wasn't our last. The reasons are obvious: exceptional hospitality of the organizers (Miha & Tone – we salute you), downright superb food at Pri Hudičevcu (although our respiratory and physical abilities to move were severely inhibited yet again), and of course – a phenomenal audience. It was you that fed us your positive energy for nearly two hours and made it hard for us to leave the stage. We haven't witnessed such madness for quite some time. We hung out with some fans (some of you even made from far-away Finland) and then slowly packed ourselves into the cars and left for various destinations; seas side, mountains, while our loyal crew (a member of which, Franky, had a birthday) headed for Ljubljana. Without a shred of doubt a night filled with love, rock n' roll and of course – potato. Veliko Ubeljsko was grand indeed! Thank you for this unique experience!
Saturday was reserved for Ljubno ob Savinji's Flosfest 2014. Still a bit tired from the previous night we hit the road just as this enormous storm hit Ljubljana. If we managed to avoid rain on Friday it was very clear that this will not be the case on Saturday. We were all relieved when we heard that the venue was covered with a tent roof. Although the venue still required some skill from our driver, Dušan, to get our gear as close to the stage as possible. The sound check was effective ans super quick due to excellent system and crew that managed it. After the sound check we were taken by the organizers, Klub zgornjesavskih študnetov (hat's off to this year's execution of the festival!) to dinner in hotel Planinka. There, their boss Helena made sure that we got almost "offed" by all the culinary goods. :) Then we (almost) rolled back to the stage. Well, the desert came in the shape of the concert. Two hours of rock n roll and really loud audience proved to me more than just the cherry on top of the cake. Great job, Flosfest, great job!
A few weeks have passed since our last gig, which only added to the anticipation for this weekend's double bill. On Friday we headed to Moškanjci near Ptuj and Top Rock festival. We arrived in the afternoon and did the sound check. Jani to a ride with a wicked cruiser while above our heads the airplanes did their own tricks. Great atmosphere and devoted organizers. This was followed by dinner and hanging out with some friends of ours. At 11 PM our intro filled the venue and rock n' roll trip began. The great atmosphere from the afternoon reappeared and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Adter the concert we hung out with our fans, gave a few autographs, drank a few beers with the organizers and then slowly headed back home.
Upon our arrival at the venue in early afternoon the clouds covered the skies and tried to threaten with rain but they couldn't match the positive energy among us. The organizer, Alex, took care of us with a great care. Right after the sound check he tried to "off" us with exceptional late lunch and that's why we took off in a hurry to the nearest pub to "up" ourselves with some coffee and a mandatory football match. When we returned to the venue other bands were already warming up the crowd. The concert flew by too quickly and we could easily drop another half an hour worth of songs. We ended this great evening with some friends, other bands and Alex, watch a couple of other performances and the headed to Ljubljana. Thank you Vransko! Thank you Alex! Undoubtedly another unforgettable "Summer night"!